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Chapter 13 Diagnostic Tool

This feature may not be available on all platforms. Please check your system's actual page if your device delivers this feature.

System supports the following diagnostic methods:

  • Global Fault Detection: Displays all information that matches the search conditions, which facilitates the viewing of the related information. When there are network issues, you can use the faults such as certain users/groups, certain IPs, or certain applications as the conditions to search all information that relates to the faults. Then you can locate the cause of the faults fast.
  • Packet Path Detection: Detects the packets and shows the detection processes and results to the users with charts and descriptions.
  • Packet Capture Tool: Captures packets in the system. After capturing the packets, you can export them to your local disk and then analyze them using third-party tools.
  • Test Tools: DNS Query, Ping and Traceroute can be used when troubleshooting the network.