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Connecting to Hillstone CloudView

CloudView is a SaaS products of security area and a cloud security services platform in the mobile Internet era. CloudView deployed in the public cloud to provide users with online on-demand services. Users can get convenient, high quality and low cost value-added security services through the Internet and APP, and get a better security experience.

After the Hillstone device is properly configured to connect the CloudView , you can achieve the Hillstone device registration to the public cloud and the connection with the Cloud ·View, and then to achieve the Cloud ·View remote monitoring device.

CloudView Deployment Scenarios

The main deployment scenarios of CloudView are described as follows:

When Hillstone devices register to the public cloud, the device information, traffic data, threat event, and system logs are uploaded to the cloud, which provides a visual display. Users can through the Web or mobile phone APP monitor the device status information, reports, threat analysis, etc.

About CloudView, see CloudView FAQs page.

Connecting to Hillstone CloudView

When using the CloudView, the device needs to connect to the CloudView server.

  1. Select System > Extended Services>Hillstone Cloud.Click Edit button.
  2. Select the Enable check box of Hillstone CloudView.
  3. Enter the URL of the CloudView server. The default configuration is
  4. Enter the username of CloudView. Register the device to this user.
  5. Enter the password of the user.
  6. Server Status displays the CloudView status.
  7. Click the arrow to expand the Upload Data Item area and select the data option you want to upload to CloudView.
    • Select Traffic Data to upload the monitor data.
    • Select Threat Event to upload the threat events detected by the Hillstone device.
    • Select System Log to upload the event logs.
  8. Select the Enable check box in the Cloud Inspectionsection, system can receive and execute inspection command, and upload the collected data to CloudView.
  9. If you need to visit CloudView, you can use the mobile phone to scan the QR code on the right side and download the CloudView mobile APP.
  10. Check the box to choose whether to agree to the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT and HILLSTONE NETWORKS' PRIVACY POLICY. Click END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT or HILLSTONE NETWORKS' PRIVACY POLICY to read confidentiality and privacy statements, user authorizations and other content.
  11. Click OK.