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Connecting to HSM

Hillstone Security Management (HSM) is a centralized management platform to manage and control multiple Hillstone devices. Using WEB2.0 and RIA (Rich Internet Application) technology, HSM supports visualized interface to centrally manage policies, monitor devices, and generates reports.

Each firewall system has an HSM module inside it. When the firewall is configured with correct HSM parameters, it can connect to HSM and be managed by HSM.

For more information about HSM, please refer to HSM User Guide.

HSM Deployment Scenarios

HSM normally is deployed in one of the two scenarios: installed in public network or in private network:

  • Installed in public network: HSM is remotely deployed and connected to managed devices via Internet. When the HSM and managed devices have a accessible route, the HSM can control the devices.

  • Installed in private network: In this scenario, HSM and the managed devices are in the same subnet. HSM can manage devices in the private network.

Connecting to HSM

To configure HSM parameters in the firewall, take the following steps:

  1. Select System > Extended Services > Connecting to HSM.Click Edit button.
  2. Click Enable button of HSM Agent field to enable this feature.

  3. Input HSM server's IP address in the Sever IP/Domain text box. The address cannot be or, or mutlicast address.
  4. Enter the port number of HSM server.
  5. Click OK.
The Syslog Server part shows the HSM server's syslog server and its port.