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Licenses are used to authorize the users' features, authorize the users' services, or extend the performance. If you do not buy and install the corresponding license, the features, services, and performance which is based on the license will not be used or cannot be achieved.

From the version 5.5R5, the CloudEdge license has been upgraded to the latest version, with a different licensing mechanism. After the installation of the new platform license, the SN number of the device will be changed to a virtual SN (vSN for short). If you want to continue to obtain function or sub licenses, they can be applied through the vSN number. For the new license does not depend on the SN number of the original system after the re-installation of system, the new license that was originally applied for can still be effective. At the same time, Hillstone provides LMS ( license management system) to verify and manage licenses, which can ensure the security of licenses.

CloudEdge is pre-installed with a free default license without application. You can apply for the platform license (the old version of the platform license) through the SN number or directly apply for the new version of the license. Old version platform license is divided into base license and trial license. The new platform license is divided into base license and sub license.

Viewing License List

Select System > License to enter the License List page. All licenses the system supports will be displayed in this page, including the authorized licenses and unauthorized licenses.

If there is license that is about to expire (the remaining valid period is within 30 days) or has expired:

  • When you log into the device, the License Expiration Information dialog box will pop up, which prompts for licenses that are about to expire or have expired. Check the Don't remind me again checkbox so that the dialog box will never prompt again when you login. Click the Update Now button to jump to the License List page.
  • The notification icon with the number of notifications is displayed in the upper-right corner. Hover your mouse over the icon, and click Details after the License Expiration Information, the License Expiration Information dialog will pop up.

Applying for a License

Before you apply for a license, you have to generate a license request first.

  1. Click Apply For. Under License Request, input user information. All fields are required.

  2. Click Generate, and then appears a bunch of code.
  3. Send the code to your sales contact. The sales person will issue the license and send the code back to you.

Installing a License

After obtaining the license, you must install it to the device.

To install a license, take the following steps:

  1. Select System > License , and click Import.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Go to System > Device Management, and click the Option tab.
  4. Click Reboot, and select Yes in the prompt.
  5. System will reboot. When it starts again, installed license(s) will take effect.
When you verify your license through public LMS, make sure that the interface connected to the public server is in the trust-vr zone and that you can access the Internet through the trust-vr zone.