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Deploying Transparent Mode

Transparent mode is also known as bridge mode or transparent bridging mode. Transparent mode is used when the IT administrator does not wish to change the existing network layout. Normally, the existing network has already set up routers and switches. The firewall will be used as a security device.

Transparent mode has the following advantages:

  • No need to change IP addresses
  • No need to set up NAT rule

Under normal circumstances, the firewall in transparent mode is deployed between the router and the switch of the protected network, or it is installed between the Internet and a company's router. The internal network uses its old router to access the Internet, and the firewall only provides security control features.

This section introduces a configuration example of a firewall deployed between a router and a switch. In this example,the administrator uses eth0/0 to manage firewall. The firewall's eth0/1 is connected to router (which is connecting to the Internet) and eth0/2 is connected to a switch (which is connecting to internal network).