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Inbound Link Load Balancing

After enabling the LLB for inbound traffic, the system will resolve domains of different IPs based on the sources of the DNS requests and return IPs for different ISPs to the corresponding users who initiate the requests, which reduces access across ISPs. Such a resolution method is known as SmartDNS.

You can enable inbound LLB by the following steps:

  1. Enable SmartDNS. This is the prerequisite for the implementation of inbound LLB.
  2. Configure a SmartDNS rule table. The smart domain-to-IP resolution is implemented based on the rule table.

Creating a Smart DNS Rule Table

To create a SmartDNS rule table, take the following steps:

  1. Select Network > Inbound.
  2. Click New > Domain Table.
  3. In the Domain Configuration page, type a domain table name into Domain Table text box.
  4. Type a domain name into Domain text box. Separate multiple domain names with comma. Each rule table supports up to 64 domain names (case insensitive).
  5. Click OK.
  6. In the Inbound LLB page, click the domain table name you already created and then click New.
  7. Click OK.
The ISP route being referenced by the SmartDNS rule table cannot be deleted.