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Management Interface

This feature may not be available on all platforms. Please check your system's actual page if your device delivers this feature.

To facilitate the management of the device and meet the requirement of separating the management traffic from the data traffic, the system has an independent management interface (MGT Interface). By default, the management interface belongs to the mgt zone and the mgt-vr virtual router. The mgt zone belongs to the mgt-vr virtual router, the information of routing, ARP table are independent.

Configuring a Management Interface

To configure a MGT interface, take the following steps:

  1. Select Network > Management Interface.
  2. To create the virtual forward interface of MGT0, select Virtual Forward Interface from the New drop-down list, and the Virtual Forward Interface page pops up; To edit interface, select the interface and click Edit, and the MGT Interface page pops up.
  3. Specify the zone for the management interface in the Zone drop-down list. You can only select a Layer 3 zone. By default, the interface is bound in the mgt zone.
  4. Click the Enable button to enable the HA Sync function, which disables Local property and uses the virtual MAC, and the primary device will synchronize its information with the backup device; not clicking this button disables the HA Sync function, which enables Local property and uses the original MAC, and the primary device will not synchronize its information with the backup device.
  5. Select a configured NetFlow profile from the NetFlow Configuration drop-down list.
  6. Specify the method of obtaining IP address in the IP Configuration section. "Static IP" means specifying a static IP address and the netmask. Click Advanced to specify the secondary IP address into the text box. You can specify up to 6 secondary IP addresses. "Auto-obtain" means obtaining the IP address through DHCP.
  7. Specify the management methods by selecting the "Telnet/SSH/Ping/HTTP/HTTPS/SNMP" check boxes of the desired management methods.
  8. Specify the mode and rate of the management interface. If you select the Auto duplex transmission mode , you can only select the Auto rate.
  9. Select the Shut Down check box to shut down the management interface.
  10. Click OK.