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Configuring the Device to Communicate with Zabbix Using SNMP

This example introduces how to configure the device to communicate with Zabbix using SNMP. Zabbix can monitor various network parameters of the device to ensure the safe operation of the device.

The following shows a network environment. The device connects to Zabbix using SNMPv2 to manage the device.


Step1: Configuring SNMP Agent

Select System > SNMP > SNMP Agent.

  • SNMP Agent: Click Enable
  • Host Port: 161
  • Virtual Router: trust-vr
  • Local Engine ID: 111
Step2: Configuring SNMP Host

Select System > SNMP > SNMP Host. Click New.

  • Type: IP Address
  • Hostname:
  • SNMP Version: V2C
  • Community: hillstone
  • Permission: RO
Step3: Configuring Trap Host

Select System > SNMP > Trap Host. Click New.

  • Host:
  • Trap Host Port: 162
  • SNMP Agent: V2C
  • Community: hillstone
Step4: Enabling the SNMP Mode of the Interface

Select Network > Interface and double click ethernet0/6.

  • Zone: trust
  • Management: Click SNMP


Step1: Configuring Host Group

Select Configuration > Host groups. Click Create host group.

  • Group name: Hillstone_FW
Step2: Configuring Templates

Select Configuration > Templates . Click Create template.

  • Template name: Hillstone_SNMP
  • Click icon to add Hillstone_FW to In groups list.
Step3: Configuring Application

Select Configuration >Template > Applications. Click Create application.

  • Name: Hillstone_Interface
Step4: Configuring Item

Select Configuration > Templates > Applications. Click Items of Hillstone_Interface and click Create item.

  • Name: eth0/6 Egress interface rate
  • Type: SNMPv2 agent
  • SNMP OID: .
  • SNMP community: hillstone
  • Applications: Select Hillstone_Interface

Note: You need to add the index of the specified interface after OID. To view the index of the interface, use the command show ip route interface.

Step5: Configuring Host

Select Configurations > Hosts. Click Create host.

  • Host name:E1100
  • Click icon to add Hillstone_FW to In groups list.
  • In SNMP interfaces area, click Add and type the ip address of StoneOS, Port 161.
Step6: Configuring Graph

Select Configuration > Hosts. Click E1100 > Graphs and click Create graph.

  • Name: eth0/6 interface rate
  • Click Add in the Items area. Select eth0/6 Egress interface rate.
Step7: Results

After configuration, select Monitoring >Latest data to view the monitoring data.

  • Host groups: Select Hillstone_FW
  • Hosts: Select E1100
  • Application: Select Hillstone_Interface

Click Graph to view the monitoring graph.