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Welcome to Hillstone Documents Center.

Hillstone Documents Center provides service-oriented documents such as deployment guides, configuration guides, cookbooks, maintenance guides, and release notes of all released products for end users. You can search for, read, and download user manuals in the Center. This helps you solve problems during installation and configuration.

How to Access Documents Center

In the address bar of your browser, enter the domain name of Hillstone Documents Center: We recommend that you bookmark this website for convenience.

How to Create an Account

  1. In the address bar of your browser, enter the domain name of Hillstone Documents Center: and press Enter.
  2. On the login page, click Register.
  3. On the registration page, register with email or with phone number and enter your info in the required fields.
  4. Enter a valid verification code and click Register.

How to Search for Documents

Search by Product

The manuals of each product in the Documents Center are classified by series. You can directly click a product name in the product list. On the product manual summary page, select your desired manual type and corresponding manual.

Quick Search

The Quick Search function helps you quickly locate product manuals in the Documents Library. You can enter one or more keywords in the search box on the homepage to search for desired product manuals.

How to View & Download Documents

View Document

Documents Library → Select a product → Go to the product manual summary page → Select a desired manual.

  • For manuals in the HTML format, you can click a manual name to go to the online page to read the manual.
  • For manuals in the PDF format, you can click a manual name to download the manual to your computer and then read offline.

Download Document

Documents Library → Select a product → Go to the product manual summary page → Click next to a manual name to download the manual.

Common Manual Types


  • Obtain product updates. You can obtain up-to-date information about the release, new features, optimizations, known issues, resolved issues, and upgrade guidance of each version of products.

Installation & Deployment

Includes Deployment Guide, QuickStart, and Hardware Reference Guide.

  • Hardware Reference Guide/ QuickStart: helps you understand device hardware information such as front panel and back panel figures, indicator descriptions, applicable expansion module details, power supply descriptions, and memory size of released product models. This type of document also shows you how to install and start devices and how to maintain hardware and replace components on devices.
  • Deployment Guide: besides product introduction, this type of document displays typical deployment scenarios and various cloud-based deployment scenarios and provides detailed setup steps.

Configuration Guidance

Includes Getting Started Guide, WebUI User Guide, CLI User Guide, and New Feature Book for F/M/P Releases.

  • Getting Started Guide: helps you make devices quickly come online.
  • WebUI User Guide: helps you learn about the WebUI of devices and configure relevant functions on the WebUI. This type of document describes the meaning, configuration method, and limit of each configuration item. You can have a detailed understanding about the initial configuration, deployment method, and how to use functions of products from user guide.
  • CLI User Guide: provides a series of commands and CLI, which complement WebUI User Guide. This type of document helps you configure and manage devices.
  • New Feature Book for F/M/P Releases: provides detailed information about new features in F/M/P releases.


  • Cookbook: describes how to configure typical functions of products in specific scenarios. With our cookbooks, you can quickly have configuration logic, improve operation efficiency, and reduce configuration errors caused by unfamiliarity with products. Each example consists of scenario and configuration steps, aided by configuration ideas, topologies, and operations on the WebUI. This type of document provides step-by-step instructions on how to configure, verify, and ultimately achieve the effect in the example.


Includes Log Messages Reference Guide and SNMP MIB Reference Guide.

  • Log Messages Reference Guide: records content and meaning of log messages of products. This type of document helps you analyze and trace device issues and resolve the issues.
  • SNMP MIB Reference Guide: describes private MIB files, file content of different product versions, and MIB versions supported by different software versions. This type of document helps you manage information.


  • FAQs: answer frequently asked questions about products to help you gain insight into the products. You can understand the positioning, advantages, application scenarios, limits on functions, specifications, recommended versions, and licenses of the products. You can also use FAQ documents to troubleshoot basic issues.


  1. Do I need to sign up and log in to Hillstone Documents Library before reading and downloading user manuals?
    Yes. You need to register a Hillstone Documents Library account and use this account to log in to the library. This way, you can search for, read, and download user manuals.
  2. What if the system prompts that the email address already exists during registration?
    The email address needs to be unique during registration. If the email address already exists, you need to specify another email address.
  3. What if I cannot find what I need?
    We recommend that you enter keywords to search for what you need. If function description still cannot be found, send an email to for support.
  4. How does Hillstone Networks use the information that you enter for registration?
    We will strictly control and protect your registration information from leakage and abuse. Note: The registration information cannot contain sensitive words.